Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to Minnesota & Teaching

Last night I taught a class at Southwest High School here in Minneapolis. I have taught a variety of photo classes over the past 5 years and find it very rewarding. Last night's class was a continuing education class on portrait photography called "The Intimate Portrait". The class has only 7 students which is perfect. It allows for some very good, free-flowing conversation. That and the fact they are adults and really want to be there is a plus. The old cliche, that the teacher learns as much from the students as they learn from him (I hope) is entirely true. I also find great value in actually verbalizing the ideas that I find swirling in my head. Something about hearing them in an auditory form makes them "real".

On another note, this winter is dragging on waaaay too long. When I woke up this morning it was -2º with the wind chill factor at -23º. With the official first day of spring just ten days away, this is so very wrong.

The photo above is the view from my studio (zoomed it in a bit) which I never tire of.

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