Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dipping Into The Well

One of my models, who replied to my "Unique People Wanted" ad on Craigslist was a no-show today. Unfortunately, this happens about 1/3 of the time. I don't even set anything up until they call me from my building lobby and tell me they are here. (this is necessary anyway because of the funky freight elevator, which requires me to escort them up to my studio) This also makes the photography more spontaneous, which I like.

While I am at it, I find that the best photos of people tend to be the ones that happen early on in the shoot. Frequently in the first few minutes. I think this is the time when everything is possible and it is this feeling that comes through in the image. I know that many photographers prefer to spend some time with their subjects getting to know them before they decide what to do, but for me it is more instinctive.

As a result of the no-show, I am grabbing some low hanging fruit and posting a previous shoot. Here is Dan, who I actually photographed for "Prison Fellowship", but felt he was a good fit for this project.

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