Friday, March 27, 2009

Drive By Shooting

A few days ago I snapped this shot from my car while I was driving down Hennepin in Minneapolis. You can see a small piece of my side view mirror in the lower right corner of the frame. I have always wanted to shoot under this overpass. Unfortunately, the best vantage point seems to be from the lane of traffic, so I shot it going about 40mph out the window. (Don't worry, I just held it out the window, without looking through the viewfinder)

That reminds me of a photographer who worked in LA. (wish I could rember his name) He would pull his car over to the side of the road, jump out in an orange vest, place a cone behind his car and grab a couple shots. Then there was Gary Winogrand, a favorite street shooter of mine, who would have his friends drive him around as he shot out the car window. He was very prolific through his life. He died at 56 with 300,000 unedited images and 2500 undeveloped rolls of film.

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