Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Anticipation

Last Friday, I shot this minutes before the ceremony on a beautiful summer evening.

The moments just before the wedding are filled with a great deal of emotion...often times more than the ceremony itself. Here, from a 2nd story window, the bride watches her guests arrive and take their seats. Once the ceremony begins you can feel a sense of relief and calm take over.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Twins Win!

After tabulating the vote results for the cover of my "Uniques" book ...the Twins won, but it was so very close. Only 3 votes separating the top 2. Seems fitting, being from Minnesota, that it was the Twins that came out ahead.

Three of the images received 75% of the total votes. Many expressed difficulty in choosing just one and it was even suggested that I should have had runoff voting. (A good idea Jean). Some even opted to vote for 2 images, in which case I split the vote.

Thanks for all who helped with your opinions and insightful comments. I learned new things about the photos that had never occurred to me.

After the Holiday break, I will finish up the book and get it on-line...will keep you posted.