Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Photos

After receiving numerous requests to shoot portraits of people for use on their resumes, LinkedIn pages, etc,I have come up with an idea.

Next Tuesday, March 24 I will be shooting free portraits for anyone who finds themselves unemployed. Immediately following the photography, which takes approx 10 minutes, I will make digital files that can be used for whatever. (hopefully to help find work)

If you know someone who can benefit from a photo, please have them contact me.

Free Portraits if you are unemployed
Tuesday March 24
NE Mpls Studio (I will email address)

Please forward this email to anyone and everyone


  1. What a wonderful idea. Really great way to give back.

  2. Inspired! That sounds like a great idea. I hope people realize what a boon this could be for them.

  3. A very inspiring idea, if only all of us would contribute to society like this, the crisis would be solved tomorrow morning