Sunday, April 11, 2010

John in Tucson

At most every homeless shelter I have worked there is the person who is rumored to be rich. He is said to be at the shelter, not because he doesn't have the means, but because he prefers to be there. The other residents will come up to me and secretly whisper, "see that guy over there...he is rich...he owns houses.."

John is that person at the Gospel Rescue Mission in Tucson where I worked this past Thursday. John told me he was a lawyer for 53 years. He has limited use of his legs and slowly gets around using a walker. I am not sure what has caused John to arrive at the Mission, but I can't imagine he, or anyone, would chose to be there. I think having "the story" helps other residents cope with the situation.

The day of shooting was a success from an image production standpoint. More importantly it gave me a lesson in keeping things in perspective.

More to come from this shoot...

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