Monday, January 18, 2010

Photographic Rewards

Today, I received a kind message from Heather, who participated in my "Unique" Series.
Scott: Working with you changed many things for me - the pictures you took were amazing. People who know me say they are the first ones they have seen that show me "as I am". My daughter especially loves them. (not bad for someone who hates to be photographed and avoids it ... I participated in the project partly to "prove" to myself that I could do it ...) The session gave me a new sense of confidence and new sense of who I am .. it has helped me move on and make some changes that were long overdue. Thanks for listening to my story and for taking the time to photograph me. I wish you only success in this project and all others ,,,, Heather

As I plug away making photos, I forget the effect that images can have on people. This is a nice reminder.

After some time away from this personal project, I am going to restart it again. If anyone knows of a possible candidate who is unique (everyone) please have them get in touch with me to schedule a free sitting.

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  1. What a wonderfutl testimony! Glad you are restarting the project- hope we can all see it put together in some form soon.