Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Help Me Select A Book Cover

I am finally getting around to self-publishing a blurb book of my unique series and and need help in choosing a cover. In the past I have spoken about the difficulty I have in objectively editing my images, because of the experiences I have with the subjects. Someone might be kind and friendly causing me to increase the photo value of their image. Conversely, someone might arrive late, try to micro-direct the photo or just be plain rude and I automatically think less of their image.

Here is a selection of images that I feel are cover-worthy. Please leave your vote in the comment section of the email. or if you prefer, send me an email with your choice. (They are numbered 1-6 below each image) Next Tuesday June 29th, I will tally the results and choose the cover. Thanks....and remember vote early and often :)


  1. Hey Scott--
    My vote is for image #5--my eye was drawn to it immediately-- but numbers 1 & 2 are strong contenders as well. Have you considered instant runoff voting? Can't wait to see the final pick.

  2. Hi Scott, My vote is for #2.

    Good luck,

  3. My vote is for #5. Nice work all around though. Love this series.

  4. I think the image of the twins would be a great cover. I LOVE the image of the hula hoop woman, so dramatic and dynamic, wonderful composition, but maybe better as an inside image- it would be a great visual surprise, like giving the viewer a present!

  5. #5 especially if you are going to be using the text.