Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Busy

Since the date of my last post (April 29th...oop) I have been churning out the assignments. Shot 18 of the past 20 days. It is a pretty safe assumption that when posts are is plentiful.

It has been a good variety. From shooting at a Somali Mall, Buddhist Temple & Mexican Consulate for Blue Cross to shooting kids for the Minneapolis Public School District. Mixed within that, has been work for Bethel University, Walker Senior Homes, Children's Hospital, and Target foundation.

A good, positive momentum starts to occur just by the sheer volume of shooting. It starts to feel easy and "seeing" the photos becomes clear. I've taken advantage of this energy by looking for other things to shoot... free portraits for the neighbors, personal are everywhere. Anyone need a photo? I'm on a roll, but you better hurry...this isn't going to last forever and my finger is going to need a rest.

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