Sunday, March 28, 2010

Face Forward

I met Amanda Leaveck when she came to my studio to be a part of my Unique Series. She is leading a group of young people in a great cause called "Face Forward". They are working to improve education in third world countries and are hosting a fund-raising event at First Avenue, here in Minneapolis on April 14th. I think it is a great idea...getting young people involved in a great cause by having them participate in something that is of interest to them...just makes sense.

Here is a link:

Originally the thought was to use some of the "Unique" series faces to help advertise/promote the event. We eventually decided it would be better to photograph some "new" faces specifically for the "Face Forward" project.

The group of faces appears to have a certain "sameness" to them on first glance. It is not until you look closely that the differences reveal themselves. We are all alike yet different at the same time.

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