Tuesday, February 23, 2010

George's Spot

I spent the day yesterday in Joliet, IL doing photos for the Morningstar Rescue Mission. George uses the Mission's services and he agreed to take me to the spot where he spends his nights. Because people are very protective of their spots, this was a big deal.

To get there, we traveled in a Mission Van for about 5 miles, got out and walked another half mile to the underside of a freeway overpass. (George takes the bus in the winter, but rides his bike in the summer) From there we had to make a 30 foot vertical climb up a very step grade to get to George's spot. George had many pointers for the ascent that he makes every day. "Stay off the tar...too slippery. Walk like a woman in a very tight skirt...take small steps" Admittedly, it was difficult for me and it was hard to imagine George, who is probably pushing 70, doing this twice a day, everyday...often times in the dark.

George struggles with some mental health issues, but nobody...no matter what...should have to live like this. It is not right.

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