Friday, June 26, 2009


The Pez display is in place in the new space, which is an indicator that I am now "officially moved". The Pez have really become a focal point within the space. It results in many questions/comments which vary depending on the age of inquirer.


How long have you been collecting pez?
about 20 years

How many do you have?
about 350

Are any of them worth a lot of money?
I only buy them when they are introduced, so I have usually paid about $1.29 or so for each. Over the years, people have given me some that are actually worth much more (they usually are the ones without the feet)

I never knew there were so many?
there are well over 1000

What are those?
asked by someone from a deprived childhood


Do you have all of them?

Can I have (fill in character)?
I do have extras I give away, although I chose

Who ate all that candy?
(this is my favorite, which is usually asked by an 8-10 year boy. I get to say, "I did" and I gain their respect, not because I have all the dispensers, but because I ate all the candy)

1 comment:

  1. Its a good thing I dont work for you anymore cause surely I would have eaten the candy before you had the chance.

    Shawn Cronkhite
    La Verne Ca