Thursday, April 2, 2009

Challenges of Selecting Images

I have been at the computer all day working on photos for my annual McKnight Fellowship submission, which is due on Monday. I am again going to submit the "Unique" project.

They ask for 12-15 images along with a proposal and CV. The selection of the first 5 or so is easy. They are strong visually and have interesting quotes. From there it becomes difficult. I can't help but reflect back on the shoot..did it go well...or not (was the person rude or late....) The experience of the interaction enters into my determination of whether or not it is a good/bad image. It is hard for me to think of an image as being good when the experience for me was not, or I might think an image is great only because I had a positive connection and it may very well be mediocre. Of course those judging the photos, know none of this. It is really beneficial for me to show my images to other people to get their opinions.

Here is Jennifer, who will be one of the images I submit.

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